Who We Are

Founded out of a tent meeting revival in 1936 in Melfort, we are a church that believes in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  It is because of Christ’s work on the cross that we freely have the gift of salvation.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to earn God’s salvation, favour or blessing.  You are highly favoured, abundantly blessed, deeply loved only because of the price Jesus paid through His own body at the cross.  It is because of the cross that your sin and my sin have been removed and God remembers them no more.  We are now, the Bible says, righteous and holy simply by trusting in Jesus and His grace that He extends to us.

If you find yourself living with feelings of guilt or shame, then you need to listen to the message of God’s amazing grace.  Jesus took your guilt and shame so that you can be free.  You can live without a conscience of guilt because of Jesus.  You can live a life free from the feeling of not being worthy, because Jesus makes you worthy.

Come, hear, and enjoy the message of Grace that God is speaking to His people.